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What sets BCE Institute apart is our long-standing history of excellence. Our attention to detail in all our project management services keeps our client’s job moving smoothly from initial planning and design, through to certification, to project closeout and eventually to high-end impact .

 – Mr Ezekiel More, CEO and Founder

Certified world class training

We focus on long-term, sustainable, management and development solutions for organisational transformation, skills development and advancement.

corporate skills development

We are providing ongoing training to more than 30 clients in the public, private and non governmental sectors with our multi-accredited programmes covering a number of different programmes.

Trusted Corporate Partner

We are the preferred corporate skills development partner for our clients, successfully training of an average of 4500 – 6000 learners every year in a range of key focus areas.

Strategy based initiatives

Working in close liaison with clients to understand their needs, products, operational scopes we help meet clients’ short, medium and long term goals from a talent development perspective.

We are proudly accredited by: