War on Leaks

The War on Leaks project is a crown jewel of BCE Institute. It is a Presidential project implemented under the Department of Water and Sanitation(DWS) in partnership with Rand Water and EWSETA as implementing agents. It is aimed at reducing and eradicating water leaks in South Africa. The secondary aim of the project is to empower the youth with relevant skills so that they can create employment or secure employment. These learners are expected to go back to their communities and make a difference. They ,must not only fix water leaks, they must also educate the communities about the importance of saving water as it is a scarce resource in South Africa.

It has four training programmes namely, Entrepreneurship (Phase 1 only), the Water Conservation and Water Demand Management (WCWDM) programme, the Water Agent programme and the Artisan programme.

We have a 97-100 percent completion rate for the programmes. The highlight of the project is that it has empowered more than 60% women and youth. Some learners are employed and others have started their own businesses.

The first ever student to get certified as an artisan.

Project Completion Status

Phase 1
Phase 2