The aim of this project is to develop the skills and optimize job opportunities for young producers and entrepreneurs, in order to improve their livelihood.

BCE Institute has been appointed as a service provider to render project management services in the implementation of training, mentorship and placement of graduates in farms funded by the National Skills Fund. The project has 6661 beneficiaries nationally.

This is a training and capacity building project to ensure that the project beneficiaries of the selected projects gain the required knowledge and skills needed to make a success of their respective farming projects. It involves the training and mentorship of smallholder/small scale producers, the placement of unemployed graduates in commercial farms for entrepreneurial development and the placement of colleges of agriculture students in farms for Work Integrated Learning (WIL).

At BCE Institute, we have a passion for changing the lives of unemployed young people by training them in relevant skills and assisting them to secure sustainable dignified employment opportunities. We also believe in empowering the youth and unemployed from vulnerable communities with entrepreneurship skills so that they can create livelihoods for themselves and their communities. Our model is Training-Placement-Sustainability.

Our project management and skills development approaches are holistic. We not only believe in empowering the learners in the required knowledge and skills, we also believe in building character, a good value system and attitude. This project therefore fits in very well with our vision, mission and values as it aims to create jobs and change the livelihoods of the beneficiaries through various skills development and experiential learning initiatives.

The project targets skills development in the following areas: Farm Management, Business and Entrepreneurship, Production, Technical skills and Occupational Health and Safety. It covers classroom training, Work Integrated Learning (WIL), mentorship and workplace placement.