Social Responsibility

Hammanskraal Community Building

Teaming up with Take Action, a Christian non-profit organisation that deals with helping and empowering people in various communities. The BCEI staff compliment visited the Maubane community in Hammanskraal on youth day. Where we helped refurbish a container that will be used to feed the kids of the Maubane day care center. Due to wear and tear, some of the buildings and works had become dilapidated. We carried out repairs on sanitation facilities and recreational infrastructure.

Nelson Mandela Day 2016

BCEI believes in the message driven by Nelson Mandela Day. We identified Tshwane Haven, an orphanage and children’s home. We also reached out to the Red Wings project. BCEI created grocery packs that included essentials such as food items, clothing and footwear, sanitaryware, among other items. Our colleagues spent the morning assisting at the orphanage. The rest of the day was spent delivering sanitary products to the Red Wings project.

Tshwane Haven aims to provide abandoned, abused, traumatised, orphaned, sick and HIV+ babies and toddlers with excellent spiritual, emotional, and physical care in a relaxed home environment, where every child has the opportunity to grow to their full potential. You can find out more about the work they are doing at:

Red Wings Project is an initiative that is addressing the issues of lack of sanitation for South African women. They believe that feminine sanitation should not exclude those that cannot afford, and that no girl child should miss a day of school because she cannot afford sanitary ware. You can find out more about the work they are doing at:

Personal Development Workshop

Our Managing Director, Hamlet Basheng reached out to the Maubane community leaders. In our commitment to strengthening skills in our community, he had various conversations on leadership of mentoring. He focused on personal development modelled on spiritual identity, conviction of purpose and stewardship. By design the conversations were informal, and highly interactive to encourage participants to discover a shared passion.

About us

702 Walk the Talk

As much as mental strength and health is of importance, BCEI believes in a complete approach to building the professional. BCEI entered in a team that volunteered to take part in the annual sponsored walk. The excursion served as both a team building exercise, as well as a chance to participate in a larger community driven initiative. It was a great way to build stronger relationships while building physical fitness.

Ntshole Foundation

The management of the BCE Institute corporate social spend has been outsourced to the Ntshole Foundation. This move was made to empower young local social entrepreneurs. This Foundation manages our social corporate spend by distributing funds to programs that are aligned with our core business. They also monitor and report on programs that our spend is put into to. Please click link to the foundations website: